“Name Change and Further Experimentation with MINECRAFT Videos” by Richard F. Yates

Hey folks! I’m back with DAY TWO of my MINECRAFT video play through series. I noticed, in my first video, that I spelled “Minecraft” wrong… Damn. That’s embarrassing! I’ll have to be more careful with my editing in the future, although I’m almost certain that I’m going to have errors in every video. (But, in my junk-punk philosophy, it’s better to make a bunch of videos with flaws that being so paralyzed by fear of not getting everything perfect that you don’t do anything at all! I assume, as I do more of these, that I’ll get better at them!)

In other news, my wife suggested that I change the name of this series from a “Beginner” plays the game to a “Grandpa” plays the game. She thought that was funny—because grandpas aren’t SUPPOSED to play video games—or that’s the common conception, anyway. This is, of course, FALSE. My generation was actually the FIRST to become addicted to video games! They weren’t as slick or sophisticated as they are now, back in the 1970s and early ’80s, but we still got hooked on games like Pac-Man, Defender, Miner 2049, Missile Command, Centipede, and even PONG! (We had a Pong machine at our house as far back as 1975 or ’76—I’m pretty sure it was a Magnavox version of Pong, so it wasn’t CALLED “Pong,” but it was still fun…) Moral to this story: Grandpas DO play video games! (Even if we aren’t all GOOD at them!)

Anyway, here’s my most recent video:

Like last time, the video and audio quality aren’t super, but I’m coming at this with a “lo-fi,” punk, DIY attitude, and I’m trying—first and foremost—to have FUN! If it goes well, I can upgrade stuff later. If it DOESN’T, I’ll still have a good time playing!!!

Okay! Now that I’ve posted my link, I’m off to vacuum the house! If I have time before work, I have a few drawings that I’d like to share today, too, but we’ll see how quickly I can finish my chores!!! If I have time, I’ll get another post up this afternoon. If NOT, I’ll have to share my new drawings either tomorrow morning before the BABY gets here (Wednesdays are babysitting days) OR I’ll post after she goes home for the night—so I might not get a chance to post anything until tomorrow evening… Keep your peepers pealed! LATER!!!

—Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Published by richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)

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