“Unpublished Writers Day + Some Self Promotion!” by Richard F. Yates

Sorry! (Not actually sorry…) I didn’t post anything yesterday, but I think I have some good excuses: I was really busy, out of town for most of the day, and I’m old and fell asleep on the couch as soon as we made it back to town! (Like I said…SORRY! That’s two times in January alone that I’ve missed posting. I hope you folks can forgive me!)

So, what was the big deal with yesterday? Let’s get into it…

Early in the A.M., Mariah (aka “The Boss”) and I crawled out of bed, tired as a couple of floops, and prepared ourselves for a day on the town, and eventually hit the freeway, heading south towards Vancouver, Washington, for National Unpublished Writers’ Day. Our first stop, however, before getting to the main business of the day, was Mon Ami, a coffee / slash / crepe shop on the main drag in the ‘Couve!

[Mariah and a great, mustachioed skeleton inside the shop!]

The food was great! (I had a buckwheat crepe with smoked turkey and cheddar cheese), AND we sat at the “Iggy & Tom” table!

[I took this photo of the photo on the wall right next to our table!]

Aside from selling coffee and crepes and some booze (one lady ordered a mimosa while we were there…at 10:30 in the morning!!!), they also sell works by local artists. It’s a very cool shop.

After chomping our breakfast, we zoomed out, and made our way to the Clark County Historical Museum.

The event that we were attending was National Unpublished Writer’s Day, in conjunction with the Brautigan Library of unpublished manuscripts, which is housed in the research library at the Clark County Museum. The Brautigan Library is overseen by John Barber of WSU@Vancouver (who did a great job with this event!) (I should have gotten a picture of him!!!) I did get some photos of Dr. Kandy Robertson, Director of the Writing Center at WSUV, who invited me to the event, as well as Joe (one of the tutors at the Writing Center), Josh (a good friend of mine who used to work with me at the W.C.), and Mariah!

[Dr. Robertson and Joe (one of the WSUV tutors.)]
[Notice my spread of books for sale! Dr. Robertson was kind enough to share half of the WSUV Writing Center with me. The REST of the table held handouts on writing and revising works—and several of the current tutors manned the table, taking turns, and talking to visitors who were seeking writing advice! I chatted with folks about self-publishing!]
[Mariah and Josh (a former WSUV tutor who worked way back in the era when I was still there!)]

In addition to getting to visit with some of my favorite people on Earth (including several folks who I didn’t get photos of—SADLY), I also did pretty well selling books!!! I think I sold four copies of my newest novella (and gave one away. I TRIED to give lots of stuff away, but people kept paying me… I’m a TERRIBLE capitalist…) I also sold a few other books, and I gave away quite a few prints, some zines, and even a couple of Angry Old Guy Digital Tender(ness) bucks (worth .33333 of nothing each!)

It would be an injustice if I didn’t mention that the Clark Country Historical Museum has a VERY cool exhibit going on right now focused on music, music instruments, and music playing machines, which I am KICKING myself for not getting photos of… I was too dang busy talking and carrying on, and I didn’t think about it in time. (Maybe we’ll go back before the exhibit comes down…)

Anyway, it was a fun day, and a few of us former Writing Center tutors have decided that we’re not going to wait three more years before getting together again! In another weird twist, Dr. Robertson asked me if I wanted to come back to the Writing Center in the fall for one or two days a week… I just might do it! (And if I do, one of the OTHER tutors who used to work there said HE might come back, too. It would be FANTASTIC to get to work with my good friend, Richard O., again! He is one of my favorite collaborators!!!)

In other news, I’ve also spent some time, recently, working on my online PROMOTION. On my NON-COM-ARTS blog, I added several new pages: a links page, a gallery page for some of my artwork, and a schedule of upcoming events! I’m working on making the NON-COM site the HUB that can point folks to all of my other works. It’s more fun MAKING things than PUSHING them, in my opinion, but it’s essential for an artist / writer who is trying to make a LIVING off his (or her or their) creative work that people be able to FIND that work!

Promotion—it’s a pain in the ass, but somebody’s got to do it!

Alrighty, folks, thanks for stopping by! Keep making stuff!!! (And if you don’t make stuff, yet, it’s time to start!!!)

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



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