“To Do List (8 Feb. 2020)” by Richard F. Yates

This morning, I sat down with my notebook (and the notes that I’d sent myself on my phone), and I wrote up everything that I could think of that I wanted to complete, both short- and long-term goals… Here’s what I came up with…

[Felt pen on found cardboard with digital embellishments. 2020.]


—Order Uncle Randy’s books (and restock some of the items I’ve sold recently.) (TODAY!)
—Deliver Mark’s contributor copy! (I still haven’t given a copy of my book to the guy who drew the cover for me!) (TODAY or TOMORROW!)
—New Spook Show 2020 review! (I want to start my Halloween movie reviews early this year.) (In the next few days, I want to have a review written.)
—Make some MUSIC / BEATS for Ellie’s songs. (My younger daughter, Ellie, has been writing songs, and she bought a sampler / drum machine, for us to use to make music. I just haven’t DONE much of it yet…) (Early this week I want to start programming, and I want a song saved on the COMPUTER by next weekend.)
—New music playlist / review. (Sometime this week.)
—Add “Books for Sale” page to the NON-COM-ARTS site. (By next weekend.)
—Finish new painting. (Already sketched. Just need to paint it.) (Sometime this week.)
—Finish 10 paintings. (Have 10 paintings ready to sell on Etsy by March 1st!)
—Set up ETSY store. (By March 1st!)
—Finish reading MAKER book and review it
—Finish reading HACK + SLASH book and review it
—Finish editing READ A DAMN BOOK book (By next weekend.)
—Finish editing SNAKE book (By March 8th.) (Collecting all the SNAKE cartoons written by Richard O’Brien and drawn by me.)


—Lose 35 pounds (by June for our San Francisco trip.) (According to the scale this morning, I’ve already lost 6 pounds since last week. I’m hoping for another 35 by this summer.)
—Finish 31 Spook Show 2020 reviews. (By Halloween 2020.) (I’ve wanted to do 31 reviews every year, but I’ve only ever managed 10 per season…so far. THIS year, though, I want 31!)
—Finish writing RPG rules. (Started this about two years ago, but it got tossed on a back-burner while I worked on a other projects. It’s about time to get back to it…)
—Start writing RPG modules. (THESE should be fun!)
—Compile and edit short fiction collection.
—Catalog all the Primitive Entertainment Workshop posts. (All 7,000+)
—Finish editing STEEM book
—Make new mail art / zine project (and send to all the “regular” folks, like Mr. O!)
—New podcast episodes

And that’s the plan. Start pecking away at these projects and try to get as many completed as I can, starting with the top two. I have some dates set, but I also want to leave some leeway for stretching out—so if I want to spend more time on a painting, I can. This is all about getting things done, but they have to be WELL done, too. I want to be happy with my work.

Okay, let’s get this party started…again… (WOOOO!!!)

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



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Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)

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