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“Thirteen Hiccups (That Refused to Rule the World)” by Richard F. Yates

The point of creation is… The last click of the clock. My goodness! How frightening! The ceiling was drooping, perhaps from the pressures of…

Spider-like, the community scuttled about producing potholes and listening to vibrations and echoes. Webs everywhere… But we knew that Kool aid powder with a little water could make our hair spiky and blue!

We had our plan… And it was good…

Let’s see what the toothsome bridge trolls found in the lake today…

Not necessarily in this order:

1. “‘Miscommunikation’ Slide 34” (26 Feb. 2020)

2. “‘Liberty…And Then It Was Gone’ Slide 2 (Alt.)” (7 Mar. 2020)

3. “Still Life (With Man Ray Eyes)” (8 Mar. 2020)

4. “Gitzy Beast” (26 Feb. 2020)

5. “It’s Really More of a Thumbnail Sketch” (7 Mar. 2020)

6. “Moon Thru The Trees From The Backyard Gate” (10 Feb. 2020)

7. “Portland’5 Center for the Arts Lobby Ceiling” (14 Feb. 2020)

8. “Tiny Drawing” (1 Mar. 2020)

9. “Communication Comics #911” (20 Feb. 2020)

10. “‘Horace Crumpeteater’ (Pre-Color)” (8 Mar. 2020)

11. “‘Why?’ Slide 6” (28 Jan. 2020)

12. “It Used to Be a Beach (In Black Light)” (24 Jan. 2020)

13. “Breakfast” (5 Mar. 2020)

I’m happy with quite a bit of the art and photography and writing that I’ve been producing lately. I was worried that I’d lost my direction, that I’d slipped a cog—but my cogs are still turning. I’ve been painting and drawing and photographing and putting letters on paper and typing bits into computers. These are all things I enjoy doing, so I’m glad that I’ve had the chance to DO them, lately.

The WORDS are a free-write / slash / poem that I just composed based on the nonsense phrase that I came up with for a title. I enjoy juxtapositions and jarring bits and fragments. (Maybe you don’t, and that’s okay.) The IMAGES are things that I’ve created in the last few months that I’m fairly proud of. Some of them come from animated gifs, some are photos (taken with my phone), and some are digital art, often created by embellishing photographs of artwork that I drew or painted or assembled using digital editing techniques (usually on my phone—but not always…)

I like to make little gestures. They are simple, individually just minor bits of whatever, but the accumulation of a number of these creates a larger body of work, eventually. I’ve made THOUSANDS, literally, no-joke, not exaggerating, THOUSANDS of drawings, paintings, sketches, zines, photos, collages, stickers, poems, crypto-art, books, blah-blah-blah…over the last four decades—-but I’m not done. I’m not coasting. I’m still making new. I’m still having fun. It’s still enjoyable for me (and hopefully gives you a bit of a chuckle! That would be nice.) I’ll keep making, perhaps inspiring others to make things, until I can’t anymore.

Until then, let’s keep going!


—Richard F. Yates

(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



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Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)

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