“Postcards from the Shelter!” by Richard F. Yates

At one time, people who found themselves with significant distances between each other had to communicate by getting these magical pieces of paper (inscribed with odd, cryptic symbols) into the hands of agile couriers, who would transport these “LETTERS,” physically, to the intended recipient (or some other lucky individual, like a historian, professor, or museum curator) who could then glory in the tangible representation of “THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS” (often “WISH YOU WERE HERE”) of the originator of the POST. So quaint…

And I would LOVE to bring that practice back…

I mean, think about it. We’re stuck inside. We can’t SEE the people we’d like to see (or, put another way, we have an excuse, now, for NOT seeing the people we don’t necessarily WANT to see) in person—not for a few more weeks, anyway—but maybe we want to send an “I’m thinking of you!” sort of note to them. You could write a letter, (DULLSVILLE), or you could buy a funny postcard, stick a stamp on it, scribble a couple words, and drop it in the post! The object of your attention will receive a neat reminder that you still care, and you can help keep those connections ALIVE! Plus, if you’re really cool, you’ll buy your chosen postcard from some poor artist who’s poured their heart and soul into creating some beautiful, clever, magical work of art, and then stuck it on a cheap, print-on-demand, mass-market sales gimmick to try to make a few cents! (The secret is THE INDIFFERENCE! When you don’t care if anyone BUYS what you make, you reach a state of FREEDOM. The art becomes ART. The postcard is just a ripple from the shockwave of the art’s creation. The SENDING of the postcard connects the art to the emotion of the sender…)

(Are you buying any of this? I’m really trying to work it here!!!)

So…here’s the a link to my postcard page… (Was that too abrupt?):


And, just for fun, here are a handful of the “postcards” that I’ve produced. These do NOT count the one-of-a-kind, hand-made postcards that I’ve created. (I was a long-time member of the “postal art” scene, so I’ve made more than my fair share of postcards over the years.) (That’s not what THESE postcards are, though…)


“Brute Eye”

“Flying Carrot”

“Ghost with a Broken Heart”

“Guard Cat”

“Hovering Doom (Anticipation) (Negative Vers.)”

“Human Cannonball”

“Just Another Day”

“Lake Monster”

“Morbid Duck”

“Robot Conquers City”

“Robot in High Heels”

“Sacky Sighting (Fancy Vers.)”


“The Creature (Ready for the Spring Formal)”

“The King of Bad News”

“The Plot Thickens”

“Vampire Cloud”

“Victim of the Infernal Machine”

“Victim Prime”

I have over 480 different images up on Redbubble that youz folks can look at, have a chuckle, maybe go (“What the HELL???”)… You know—have some FUN! Interestingly, there are also a few OTHER people who have posted on that site. (One or two.) They have other images that can be made into postcards, too, although they’re mostly “professional” and “good” and actually look like “REAL” art—if you’re into that passé kind of thing! I have the indifference, so I prefer art that looks like ME! What kind of art do you like?

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)



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Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)

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