“Looking at the Popcorn on the Ceiling…” by Richard F. Yates

Who looked up in their house one day and went, “You know that flat ceiling is pretty boring. I wish it was all bumpy instead!”???  It’s weird.

But this is a rental house, so we can’t very well remodel… Well, I guess we COULD, but the owners might not be that thrilled… (We have freedom, but our actions have consequences!)

Here’s a drawing:

[Gel pen on notebook page with digital embellishments and color. Finished this piece this evening. 2020 is the current year (if you are a time traveler OR just woke up from a coma.)]

I’ve been journaling and doodling quite a lot lately, which are enjoyable, but I haven’t been producing much “serious” work. That’s probably okay. It’s important (in my opinion) to ENJOY your creative work, first and foremost. If YOU don’t have fun with it, how can you expect anyone else to???

Here’s another finished drawing from a few days ago…

[Gel pen on notebook page with digital embellishments and color. Also 2020.]

This piece also has some “erasure” poetry elements to it, which I quite enjoy. Funny how, even in my own writing, I can find meanings that I didn’t know were there (if I only bother to look…!

I should go to a bunch of garage sales and thrift stores and buy all the old, cheap novels that I can find (and a package of Sharpies) and then go through each book in its entirety—every page—making ERASURE NOVELS… Big weird piles of mostly blacked-out nonsense!

“Why?” perhaps you just asked. “Why should you do that?”

Well, BECAUSE. (Obviously.)

Sounds like fun, to me!

[The curtain closes, momentarily, then reopens to reveal a hunchbacked figure chewing on a pencil and staring at a pink, heart encrusted page from an open diary (which has long, csndy-colored faux-fur glued to the cover. The twisting hairs curl around the edges of the book, like tendrils from some alien plant creeping towards whatever is about to be written on the page… The hunchback sniffles at an allergy-based tickle in his nose, then writes:]

*Did you ever get one of those headaches from going to the coffee shop a lot more often than you should for a week or two, then you realize how much you’ve been spending on coffee lately (now that you’re broke), plus all those sugary drinks are undoubtedly contributing to the extra pounds you’ve put on lately, so you decide to cut back to just one coffee per week for a while—but then after two or three days of NOT going to the coffee shop you develop that nasty caffeine-withdrawl-headache headaches???*

*Me neither…but I took three ibuprofen, just in case that’s what this headache is TRYING to be. (If I refuse to believe in it, will it go away? Is that how medicine works now?)*

[Alphaville – “Forever Young” is playing on the bedside jukebox! Great song.]

Speaking of music (I was talking abIut music in that aside just above this paragraph, in case you don’t read asided), I’ve decided that I want to get back into the RADIO game. I’m thinking about recording some pirate broadcasts, probably a few hour long shows, and uploading them to DSound. (I have a few programs on there already.) THIS time, however, I want to do some talking AND play some tunes. Not sure about the LEGALITY of it…but I’ve done pirate podcasting before and it’s always gone well… (Knock on Elijah Wood…) Sure would be fun, though!

Okay, that’s the scoop for tonight’s sign-off blog post! Hope you enjoyed this ramble through my weedy thought-pastures and experienced a chuckle or two (perhaps a head shake and a “Huh?” as well) at my drawings. (They’re tough, so you won’t hurt their feelings by laughing at them. Feel free to do so, in fact! They’re all about having s good time!!!)

Later, skaters!!!

—Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Published by richardfyates

Compulsive creator of the bizarre and absurd. (Artist, writer, poet, provocateur...)

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