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“The SHOCKING World of Idiosyncratic NFTs!” by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

My oh my… It seems like FOREVER since I’ve taken the time to mint a new NFT, and for those who were looking the wrong direction last time I committed pixels and computing power to the indeliblification of concept + visualization, here’s how I play that game:

NFTs make the perfect ARCHIVE for weird thoughts, strange performances, and bizarre imagery. I make a LOT of stuff—like EVERY DAY—and I have done this since before I could write (about 1975 or so), which means that there is a massive volume of freakish (or mundane—I like both) material floating around in the “REAL WORLD” of physical artistic expression created by me…just sitting there being bored and wanting (oh so desperately) to be engaged with. (Poor little drawings and sketches and collages and paintings… So neglected…)

However, I have also started (in 2018) translating my shenanigans to the BLOCKCHAIN world, which can be seen as a series of alternate universes that MAY prove to have a longer shelf-life than the boxes and piles where most of my creations tend to hibernate.

The NFTs that I conjure into existence (through ritual and sacrifice) are ECHOES of me. They aren’t meant to be COMMERCIAL OBJECTS designed to please a vast army of economically driven capitalist moguls. I just spent two weeks in two HEAVILY money driven locales, and I HATED most of it. Even some of the art galleries I visited were geared more towards SALES than to sharing the visions of unique personalities, and the DREAD BOREDOM evident in this pathetic excuse for gathering together and displaying artwork (sometimes wonderful and awe inspiring works)—solely for the purpose of SELLING IT—left me nauseous. That ain’t my gig. (I’m not against ARTISTS profiting from their work. Even a painter has to eat, sometimes.) I’m lucky, in a sense, that my form of SHOUTING INTO THE VOID has found a minor audience, but I’m also pleased as pie (I would have said “punch,” but I don’t care for punch)…pleased as a painted peacock to have a VENUE where I can share my weird, autobiographical, personal visions (and hallucinations), even with folks who won’t ever “BUY” them. (I like this stuff to be SEEN, and if I’m lucky, LAUGHED AT. I’m trying to make the world a more enjoyable place to spend a lifetime or two…)

In other words, I’m sharing my PERSONALITY through the creation of my NFTs, partially in a bid for immortality—although I know that a simple cataclysm could bring the entire electrical grid, and thus all them BLOCKCHAINS that require amps and volts to survive, to a screeching halt at a moment’s notice. If that happens, I still have the PHYSICAL drawings and paintings and zines that these works are derived from as a backup, but for now the NFT world allows for a much WIDER audience for my noodling…and the “HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE” that these seemingly vacuous creations conceal gets to be a little LESS HIDDEN!

Enough of the preamble ramble. Here’s the NEWLY TOKENIZED stuff! (Enjoy! It’s supposed to be fun!!!)

This first batch of artwork (along with more than a hundred other pieces) can be viewed and snickered at on the NFT SHOWROOM platform, here:

[For best results, be sure to click the “ALL CREATED ART” button. You’ll see more STUFF that way! Enjoy!]


“Hidden Knowledge”

[Ink on notebook page with digital embellishments and color.]

Sometimes knowledge is hidden simply by the fact that it hasn’t been recognized or appreciated as truth by most folks. However, unfortunately, some knowledge is deliberately concealed by persons or groups…usually in an attempt to use the obfuscation as a means of retaining power over the naïve. WE (here at the Primitive Bunker) are FOR the free exchange of knowledge and information—although I sure as shit wish there was a bit more WISDOM floating around with which people could adequately parse ACCURATE information, as opposed to following a train of thought that leads to their own, prechosen destination. Learn that shit, already. It’s tougher for folks to conceal knowledge and information from you if you can determine what is ACTUALLY knowledge from what is plain old bullshit.



[Various pens on reclaimed cardboard with digital embellishments and color.]

The number in the bottom right corner of the image indicates to me that this drawing was part of a free-write that I performed. (I’m more of a free-scribbler than strictly a writer.) Interestingly (to me), I don’t remember WHEN I did this piece. I have a shitty sense of time. I also don’t remember what I wrote during the free-write. I’m a creature of the moment, sometimes, and I rely on my MEMORY ARCHIVE (primarily in paper journals) to remind me of…everything.


“Travel Sketch (Vegas)”

[Ink on notebook page with digital embellishments and color.]

Sitting in the 108 degree heat on a side street in Las Vegas (near the Flamingo Hotel, which we’d just checked out of), I decided to do some street sketchin’! For fun!!!


“Three Punkers”

[Ink on paper with digital color digitally collaged over photograph taken with my phone.]

Timmy and Tommy idolize Tony, and they’d do ANYTHING to impress him…even KILL… Luckily, Tony ain’t much into violence. He prefers to listen to Descendants and Chemical People records and write angsty poetry…


“Nice and Crunchy”

[Ink on reclaimed cardboard with digital embellishments and colors.]

An inter-dimensional traveler who occasionally visits our universe for a quick snack!


“Heat Stroke”

[Digital drawing created with MS Paint!]

Okay, I live in the Pacific Northwest ON PURPOSE! I like summers in the mid-60s with rain at least a few times per week. I like green and trees and mellow temperatures… But for some damn reason, this year we’ve already had several days over 100 degrees (f), and there are more coming! WTF??? I don’t do well in heat—AT ALL! You should definitely feel sorry for me… (I hope I survive to make it to the fall…..)


And that’s it for my “NEW” works on NFT Showroom (unless I’ve grown restless in the last few hours and posted a few more goodies—just for fun.) To get a look at the art that I’ve PURCHASED on that platform (technically, a SHIT TON of art), you can visit my “COLLECTION.” Go here:

(Just ignore the pieces of mine that are there. Sometimes, when I make a piece that has multiple editions, I keep one for myself… It’s weird, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles… Actually, if the cookie is chocolate chip, it won’t have time to crumble before I eat it!)

The final NFT in today’s exhibition was tokenized on the TEZOS blockchain through a little site called HIC ET NUNC. I have quite a few pieces to look at on this platform, as well, though nowhere as many as I have on NFT Showroom. Check these works out by going HERE:

Some rather fun stuff there, if you ask me! (It doesn’t hurt to look! Admission is FREE!)


“TMJ #7”

[Ink on paper with digital embellishments.]

This piece is an abstract with simulated symbology. You could call it faux-asemic writing—if you were familiar with asemic writing and wanted to apply that concept to this image. You could also call it a sigil that was created by a computer program. Chaos computing, if you will… Or if you won’t. It does what it wants!


And that’s it for this exhibition of unbridled self-expression. Feel free to send me a link to any of YOUR thrilling or bizarre or oddball creations, and I’ll give them a squint! Let’s keep these types of cultural artifacts out of the hands of the bankers and business-owners and keep the EXPERIENCE of these types of works open to the PUBLIC (who sure as shit NEED some laughter and diversion these days…)

Later, skaters!!!

—Richard F. Yates

(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)


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