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“On Exhibition!!! (In Real Life)” by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Howdy Humans (and other Entities)! Here’s a silly thing that I made. I’m still experimenting with how I might combine physical media, text, drawing, and digital manipulation into a single piece of work. This was yesterday’s experiment. (It’s not meant to be a “FINISHED MASTERPIECE,” only a “can this work?”

[Felt pen, paint pen, liner pen, Sharpie, and Hi-Liter pen on “aged” paper with typing, digital manipulation, and some color additions.]

Speaking of IN REAL LIFE arts, if you are in the Pacific Northwest (in the United States), you currently have the opportunity to see some of my physical paintings out in the WILD! There are 23 works of mine on display in the Writing Center at Washington State University @ Vancouver, in Vancouver, WA, RIGHT NOW, and these paintings will be up until the end of the fall semester! (Early to mid-December 2021.)

If you stop by to check them out, be sure to mention that you’re there to see the ART! (WSUV is a pay-to-park campus, but you can save $4.00 if you park in the “15 minutes” temp parking right in front of the Admin Building, then run through the quad (by the rock garden / fountain), into the Library Building, take the stairs or the elevator, and zip right into the Writing Center (on the 2nd floor.) Depending on when you go, they might ask you to make an appointment (if it’s busy), but just tell them that YATES sent you to look at the paintings, and they’ll get out of the way and let you in!

For people interested in BUYING any of these works (all original, hand painted, on stretched canvas), I’m thinking $20 (USD) for the little ones, $25 for the medium sized, and $30 for the large. We can do a Paypal deal, and the works can be collected at the end of the semester. I’m not particularly interested in shipping, but if you’re desperate, we can negotiate a price based on actual costs. Let me know! Honestly, I don’t mind if these come just come home when they’re done. One or two of them are pieces I really like, and there’s one in particular that Mariah wants to keep—but I explained to her (she already knows) that not all of these works are likely to be coming home… I always feel a little bit sad when a fun painting goes out the door and never comes back…


—Richard F. Yates

(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)


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