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I’ve been a writer / artist / poet for quite a while, and as such there are a FEW places online that I’ve posted a couple of things. Some of these bits and bobs may be of interest to a few folks. Here’s a partial list:

HIVE: (My daily blog. I post art, stories, poems, rants, event recaps, reviews, manifestos, and so on…SOMETHING…every single day!)

These are the sites/apps that I check and post to rather frequently:
Twitter: @richardfyates
Instagram: @richardfyates
MakersPlace: (My crypto-art gallery!)
Facebook (Artist Page):

The site listed just below this paragraph is my MAIN ARCHIVE. My compatriots and I posted over 7,000 pieces on this site over the course of about seven years. I am extremely proud of the work we did as “The Primitive Entertainment Workshop,” and I hope that folks take the time to dive into this treasure trove of weirdness and creativity!

These are sites/apps that I have used in the past but that I don’t often tinker with anymore…
Deviant Art:

Blogs / Stories / Archives / Satire Works / and Art Projects:

A couple of explanations for a few of the above links…

Redbubble – Well over 400 designs that you can have put onto fancy things… This site also works as a free gallery (for me and for anybody who wants to use it. Even if I never sold a single thing through this site (and I do occasionally sell stuff), I’d still be happy just to see what my drawings look like on people’s leggings and bath mats…

Threadless Shop – The Primitive Entertainment Workshop has gone Threadless! Shirts, art prints, coffee mugs, etc., at decent prices! Only have a few products for sale at the shop there, but we’re excited to build it up!

Deviant Art – I only have about 10 images up on Deviant Art, and I really haven’t explored it enough to say whether or not I like it, but I might get around to using it someday…

Flickr – For a while, under the name “Richard Yates,” I posted images to Flickr as a sort of online gallery. I ended up loading 1,514 images before Flickr changed their policies and started requiring users to have a Yahoo email account to use the site. I opted not to. The images (as of 10 Nov. 2017) are still up.


I’ll eventually link to more stuff, as there are about a million things (under half-a-million aliases) floating around in the CYBER-REALMS that I’ve touched and corrupted, but for now, this is enough JUNK to bore just about anyone!

LAST UPDATED: 23 Mar. 2020

—Richard F. Yates
(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)


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