“Looking at the Popcorn on the Ceiling…” by Richard F. Yates

Who looked up in their house one day and went, “You know that flat ceiling is pretty boring. I wish it was all bumpy instead!”???  It’s weird. But this is a rental house, so we can’t very well remodel… Well, I guess we COULD, but the owners might not be that thrilled… (We have freedom,Continue reading ““Looking at the Popcorn on the Ceiling…” by Richard F. Yates”

“Leap (Plus Banter)” by Richard F. Yates

So!!!! Today is Monday, 5th August, 2019—and I’m making this DAY ONE of my PRODUCTIVITY PLAN. I’ve been…SLOTHFUL…as of late, but I’m done being slug-like and instead going to be much more erratic and buzzy, like a drunken hornet with tons of energy and only a vague sense of direction. (I think this will payContinue reading ““Leap (Plus Banter)” by Richard F. Yates”

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