“Rene Margarita” by Richard F. Yates

[“Rene Margarita.” Digital drawing over photograph in situ from today’s holiday gathering. 2020.] Today, my family and I FINALLY got together with the Joneses (family friends for decades) for our holiday gift exchange. We met at a Mexican restaurant called Guadalajara, which is a frequent gathering spot for our two groups. Naturally, I get aContinue reading ““Rene Margarita” by Richard F. Yates”

“Artist’s Statement – January 2020” by Richard F. Yates

As my efforts to GO PRO continue to gain steam (and “STEEM” as well), the time has come for a new ARTIST’S STATEMENT. By drawing up and organizing these concepts, I’m not only clarifying them and sharing my intentions with YOU FOLKS out there in the world(s), but I’m also winding myself up—in Alan Moore’s terms, I’m spellingContinue reading ““Artist’s Statement – January 2020” by Richard F. Yates”

“OH! What a Lie!!!” by Richard F. Yates

[All photos in this post are by me. This particular image is from a fortune cookie that I ate today, which obviously lied to me! I’m far too much of a weirdo-jerk for folks to speak of me in any terms, besides mystified annoyance!] It’s Saturday! And here is a recap of the last 24Continue reading ““OH! What a Lie!!!” by Richard F. Yates”

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