“Rene Margarita” by Richard F. Yates

[“Rene Margarita.” Digital drawing over photograph in situ from today’s holiday gathering. 2020.] Today, my family and I FINALLY got together with the Joneses (family friends for decades) for our holiday gift exchange. We met at a Mexican restaurant called Guadalajara, which is a frequent gathering spot for our two groups. Naturally, I get aContinue reading ““Rene Margarita” by Richard F. Yates”

“Danger! Poetry!” by Richard F. Yates

Today—illness is upon me, which naturally made me think of POETRY! I am an admirer of the bardic arts, but I have a special place in my black-hole of a heart for the Dadaists—serial abusers of sound and meaning, whose experiments always amuse me. To help combat my sublime discomfort (head swirling gunkiness and all)Continue reading ““Danger! Poetry!” by Richard F. Yates”

“My First MINECRAFT Video!” by Richard F. Yates

Hey folks, I’ve finally taken the plunge and entered the challenging world of video game play through videos… (That sounded weird. Let’s try it again.) I recorded a video of me playing Minecraft, starting from day one and trying to survive! I’m really bad at the game, so that’s kind of fun. I also talkContinue reading ““My First MINECRAFT Video!” by Richard F. Yates”

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