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“Read a Damn Book – 155: Bleach Volume 4”

Read a DAMN book! We’re back, baby! After a more than two week hiatus, and writing that post about going to the library book sale where I talked about how valuable reading is, I realized that I needed to shift my focus (mostly away from Minecraft), and get back to sharing the printed word! For this review,Continue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 155: Bleach Volume 4””

“Read a Damn Book – 152: Cinderalla”

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately with too many big projects and lots of “going” and “doing.” (I’m a bit of a homebody.) So, to help counteract all my PROJECT ANXIETY, I thought I’d read something quick and fun and entertaining… Why, how about this lovely, little manga title based on a classic fairy tale. ThatContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 152: Cinderalla””