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“Read a Damn Book – 174: Steaming Mad”

Greetings Citizens! Today, I’m bringing a “classic” work of subversive literature to you for your consideration. Mad magazine has recently ceased publication, but for more than six decades, it was THE source for my juvenile laughter (especially in the ‘70s and ‘80s), BUT does the humor still hold up? Let’s find out!!! [This is a photograph thatContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 174: Steaming Mad””

“Read a Damn Book – 161: The Land of Nod Treasury”

About I-don’t-know-how-many years ago (maybe 7 or 8???) we moved out of a house that I’d had stuff in since 1987. I lived there in high school, then after I got a fam-damily of my own, we BOUGHT the place from my dad, and we lived there for a long time, my wife and twoContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 161: The Land of Nod Treasury””

“Read a Damn Book – 160: Peculia”

What happens if you mix gothic horror, the old cheesiness of the Universal-style monster movies, Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy rogues gallery, and the surreal, nightmarish weirdness of dreams all in one comic? You get Peculia, that’s what happens! Peculia is a collection of loosely connected, short, very strange stories, all starring Peculia, an independently wealthy breakfast cereal fanatic whoContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 160: Peculia””

“Read a Damn Book – 159: Supernatural Horror in Literature”

Hey folks! I’m FINALLY getting around to reviewing an H.P. Lovecraft book! BUT… It’s not one of his works of fiction… (Sorry!) Instead, I’m looking at an extended essay he wrote on the history and development of a specific type of horror story, which Lovecraft HIMSELF felt was the BEST kind of horror. You know…theContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 159: Supernatural Horror in Literature””

“Read a Damn Book – 158: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”

It’s been about a year and half since I reviewed the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but I was feeling the need to revisit some fun, well worn, homey territory. Does this book still hold up??? Is it worth reading through all 433 pages??? Let’s dive into this monstrous, ghost-filled taleContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 158: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets””

“Read a Damn Book – 157: Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1 – Seed of Destruction”

I’m a massive fan of Guillermo del Toro, and in particular I LOVE his 2004 film adaptation of Hellboy, so much so that I bought the giant, three disc, “Director’s Cut” box set on DVD. (I’m extremely poor, so I almost NEVER buy the extended box sets with all the special features… In fact, the LASTContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 157: Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1 – Seed of Destruction””

“Read a Damn Book – 156: The Amazing Spider-Man – Marvel Masterworks Volume 1”

I was surprisingly shaken by the recent news that Spider-Man will NOT be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the foreseeable future. (I understand that CARING about which superheroes, played by specific actors, will be in upcoming superhero fantasy films makes me a bit of a nerd… Just a bit… But I’m OLD, andContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 156: The Amazing Spider-Man – Marvel Masterworks Volume 1””

“Read a Damn Book – 155: Bleach Volume 4”

Read a DAMN book! We’re back, baby! After a more than two week hiatus, and writing that post about going to the library book sale where I talked about how valuable reading is, I realized that I needed to shift my focus (mostly away from Minecraft), and get back to sharing the printed word! For this review,Continue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 155: Bleach Volume 4””

“Read a Damn Book – 154: The Final Programme”

I’ve been sort of dreading this review, and the main reason for my apprehension is that I’m going to have to admit something that I rarely enjoy admitting: I don’t think I GET this book. It’s a novel, which is great, and it’s a science-fiction novel, which is also great. I love science fiction. GreatContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 154: The Final Programme””

“Read a Damn Book – 153: The Goon – Bunch of Old Crap”

It’s been over two weeks since my last book review, and I apologize for that! So today’s review, Eric Powell’s The Goon – Bunch of Old Crap, was sent to me by a good friend, Mark Counts (who can often be seen on my various sites doing “remixes” of my artwork—AND Mr. Counts is also aContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 153: The Goon – Bunch of Old Crap””