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“Selecting The Future (From Various Options)” by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Man… It seems like I’ve been really busy lately. I’m a doodler and a scribbler. I like to draw in my little notebook and write wistful journal notes about this and that, but since my return to THE COMPUTER, I’ve been burning my brain-power trying to catch up on all the projects that I neglected while I was off having adventures! I’m making progress (got a new radio show recorded, made my vacation zine, getting some new NFTs minted, plus DJing a big company picnic, going to a funeral [sorry, “celebration of life”], running errands, and trying to keep up with all the social media platforms…), but I still have stuff to do! (When do I get to just chill out and draw???)

And tomorrow, I’m hanging with my granddaughter most of the day (which will be fun, but not very conducive to business), Friday is another doctor visit in Portland, and Saturday is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (which we’re going to spend in Vancouver, Washington, checking out the I LIKE COMICS shop and the Saturday market.) So TODAY should be when I get some work done—–but I’m frazzled, already, and it’s only 9:AM.

Maybe I’ll chill for a bit, just listen to some tunes and such, and see if I can conjure some energy after lunch… Maybe that’s what I’ll do… (After I take some ibuprofen…)


“Sleep. (Frog)”

[Ink on notebook page with digital embellishments and color.]

Don’t look now, but I think a dream frog has slipped out of my subconscious…again… If it gets away, it could mutate (in the “reality air”) into just about anything! Whoops! There it goes….


An interview that I did with Matthew @ Cent back in July of 2020–Yates-eg5k35


Three pieces that I collected today from NFT Showroom by jemzign !!!

Check out NFT Showroom here:


Successfully emptied and reloaded my iPod (32 gig—that takes some time to manage.) Ate lunch with Mariah, now (instead of taking a nap) I’m going to DO STUFF! Let’s start with a few more unresolved vacation bits…

I don’t know why I’m like this, but I sometimes collect ephemera—stuff that’s meant to be used and then thrown away. As far as ephemera goes, what’s less permanent than a freakin’ napkin? Here are a few that I grabbed on our vacation (for some reason) that I just got around to scanning today…

…and here’s a flier for City Lights bookstore! (My scan of the flier given away freely at the store.)


That’s probably enough silly stuff from me for today. I finally gathered enough GUMPTION (obviously) to drag the scanner out of the office (so I could listen to tunes on the fancy soundsystem while I scan a bunch of stuff.) Hopefully, I’ll get a bunch of materials digitized, and maybe start writing a post for tomorrow. I won’t have time to work on anything until right before bed tomorrow, so the more I get done today, the FANCIER tomorrow’s post is going to be! (Ha!) (I wrote “Ha!” because I don’t know if ANY of my posts are “fancy,” but I try to share the stuff that interests ME… If you’re into other stuff, that’s cool. I’m doing MY thing…)


—Richard F. Yates

(Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)


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