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“A Guided Tour Thru THE HAUNTED HONEYCOMB Gallery!” by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)

Lightning strikes illuminating a decrepit, old manor house, vines climbing up the trellises and drainpipes, and an eerie organ playing from somewhere inside. Two lamps, which barely seem to cough forth a sickly, brown-yellow light, are stuck to either side of the porch by what seems like a hundred years’ worth of cobwebs. You walkContinue reading ““A Guided Tour Thru THE HAUNTED HONEYCOMB Gallery!” by Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool)”


“FINALLY Finished My Novella!!!” by Richard F. Yates

Holy SMURF! After WAAAAAY too much time spent procrastinating, I finally contacted an artist friend of mine, who agreed to draw me a cover for my book, and he very quickly produced a brilliant, creepy image for me…like in just a couple of days!!! Unfortunately, I had to soil his image by putting some wordsContinue reading ““FINALLY Finished My Novella!!!” by Richard F. Yates”

“Read a Damn Book – 160: Peculia”

What happens if you mix gothic horror, the old cheesiness of the Universal-style monster movies, Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy rogues gallery, and the surreal, nightmarish weirdness of dreams all in one comic? You get Peculia, that’s what happens! Peculia is a collection of loosely connected, short, very strange stories, all starring Peculia, an independently wealthy breakfast cereal fanatic whoContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 160: Peculia””

“Read a Damn Book – 159: Supernatural Horror in Literature”

Hey folks! I’m FINALLY getting around to reviewing an H.P. Lovecraft book! BUT… It’s not one of his works of fiction… (Sorry!) Instead, I’m looking at an extended essay he wrote on the history and development of a specific type of horror story, which Lovecraft HIMSELF felt was the BEST kind of horror. You know…theContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 159: Supernatural Horror in Literature””

“Read a Damn Book – 157: Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1 – Seed of Destruction”

I’m a massive fan of Guillermo del Toro, and in particular I LOVE his 2004 film adaptation of Hellboy, so much so that I bought the giant, three disc, “Director’s Cut” box set on DVD. (I’m extremely poor, so I almost NEVER buy the extended box sets with all the special features… In fact, the LASTContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 157: Hellboy Omnibus Volume 1 – Seed of Destruction””

“Very Very Very Short Stories (A Rehash)” by Richard F. Yates

About 150 years ago, I had something akin to writer’s block. It wasn’t your standard writer’s block, though, where I couldn’t get anything down on paper. This was a weird case in which I was CONSTANTLY writing, starting story after story, coming up with great characters, crazy plots, bizarre mysteries, horrifying monsters…but I’d never FINISHContinue reading ““Very Very Very Short Stories (A Rehash)” by Richard F. Yates”

“The DUCK Speaks” by Richard F. Yates

A few weeks ago, Mariah and I went to a Korean barbecue joint for a birthday party, and I spotted this stained glass duck image in one of the restaurant’s windows. To ME (maybe not to everyone) there seemed to be a look in the duck’s eye that might be anger or even disgust… Thus,Continue reading ““The DUCK Speaks” by Richard F. Yates”

“Read a Damn Book – 153: The Goon – Bunch of Old Crap”

It’s been over two weeks since my last book review, and I apologize for that! So today’s review, Eric Powell’s The Goon – Bunch of Old Crap, was sent to me by a good friend, Mark Counts (who can often be seen on my various sites doing “remixes” of my artwork—AND Mr. Counts is also aContinue reading ““Read a Damn Book – 153: The Goon – Bunch of Old Crap””

“No Exit” by Richard F. Yates

This is a digitally modified photo I took, recently, (at the Cowlitz County Fair) of a “dark ride” (which seemed to have some minor rollercoaster elements to it.) I didn’t catch the NAME of the ride, but I loved the blacklight effects and the “horror show” aesthetic. Unfortunately, I didn’t TRY the ride, but itContinue reading ““No Exit” by Richard F. Yates”